Springwater School provides for pupils from the age of 2 years to 19 years who have a wide range of severe learning difficulties.

Pupils may experience additional needs associated with medical conditions, sensory impairments, physical and neurological problems and autistic spectrum disorders.

Most pupils will have an Education Health and Care Plan. Pupils at Springwater may start school from the age of two, but there are plenty of children who do not. Pupils can join at the beginning of the next key stage, at the start of or during the academic year. Pupils join us from within the County of North Yorkshire, other areas and from mainstream schools.

There are two main routes for admission to school:

The North Yorkshire Local Authority

The Local Authority (LA) is responsible for placing children in the school and will liaise with the school regarding admissions. They may consult the school on a place for your child. This will happen because they consider that your child's needs could be met by Springwater School. This can take place at any time during the school year and may arise following a planning meeting or review. You should be aware if this is the case. You are welcome to arrange a visit if a consultation is taking place.

Parental Preference

You may visit school by appointment if you are considering specialist provision for your child. You may visit whether you already reside in North Yorkshire or if you are from a different area. We ask that you keep your child's current school and the Local Authority informed as far as you can.

Who might be involved? 

  • Assessment and Reviewing Officer from the North Yorkshire Local Authority

  • Principal Assessment and Reviewing Officer from the North Yorkshire Local Authority 

  • Members of staff from your child's school

  • Social Worker

  • Portage Service

  • SENDIASS - Parents support

The Process

During your visit there is no pressure to make a decision. Our responsibilty is to provide you with enough information to feel equipped to make a decision. We will answer your questions. Sometimes more than one visit is required.

If you decide that you would like to proceed to explore a school place for your child you must inform the Local Authority. Often this is called preferencing. You will need to do this as part of the EHCP process.

A copy of our Admissions Policy can be found on the Policies page of this website. 


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Springwater is a vibrant and progressive day school catering for students ranging from two to nineteen years. Offering places to students who may have profound and multiple, severe or physical difficulties, the majority of our current students have co-existing or multiple needs. We also cater for students with autistic spectrum condition and elements of challenging behaviour.