Sarah Edwards

Head Teacher

Andrew Sudron

Deputy Head Teacher

Kim Ayrton

Ali Dickinson

Head of Primary Department

Melissa Sparks

Head of Secondary Department

Andy Mullane

Head of 6th Form

Heather Newton

HR Manager

Yvonne Heys

Business Manager 



Ali Dickinson

Jo Giles

Amanda Bagshaw

Laura Padgett

Nikki Bellis

Jane Sidwell

Luke Layzelle

Caitlin Hughes

Emma Gibson

Zoe Forge

Kelly Simpson

Shelley Hudson

Jack Murphy King

Debs Hughes

Eryn Davies

Sam Bolton

Kelly Tomlinson


 Netty Shearstone                               

Beth Mathieson                                                 

Tina Potts

Aurelia Brooks

 Emily Butterfield

Lynne Clark

Andy Brayshaw 

Caroline Grieveson Smith

Amy James 

Sandra Lai 

Rosie Lischke

Brenda Coppinger 

Tamsin Broadley 

Stephanie Houghton

Kirsty Sweeney

Connie Owens

Susan Capel

Gemma Cobb

 Kim Bradley

Diane Melbourne

Kate Mather

 Sharon Raw 

Sally Godley

Chris Moore

 Sophie Morrison

Ashleigh Pride

Natasha Robertson

 Sophie Peter

Kate Hayes

Lisa Spice

 Victoria Dixon

Sandra Staff

Charlotte Brookes

John Manktelow

Margaret Wray 

Ginnette Hall

 Steph Thomas

Chloe McGowan

Angie Ezard

 Sandra Gill 

Marzena Piotrowska

Dominika Townsend


Jade Selby 

Caroline McKinlay


Vicky Moran

Steph Raynor


Oliver Lister 

Katie Hannon 


Pushpika Gamage

 Vikki Burrell


Sue Waterworth


Hannah Haley





Pupil Support Assistants 



Donna Wheelhouse

Carol Morton


Jackie Flynn

Mia Daniel


Christina Hartley

Natalie Court


Lianne Newbould 

Lisa Haywood 


Jo Buckton 

 Lisa Vickers 


Joanne Land





Administration and Facilities




Michelle Henley

School Based Assessment & Review Officer 


Sara Goodyear 

Admin Assistant


Angie Neal

Admin Assistant





John Orgles 

Site Supervisor 





Carol Creighton



Hazel Hawkes

Catering Assistant


Multi-Disciplinary Team


Wendy Brotherton

Speech & Language Therapist





Fran Copping

Speech & Language Therapist





Eleanor Jones

Occupational Therapist


Hazel Smith



Helen Cox

Special School Nurse & Team Leader


Wendy King

Special School Nurse


Cathrine Thurlby

Special School Nurse

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Springwater School
High Street

About Us

Springwater is a vibrant and progressive day school catering for students ranging from two to nineteen years. Offering places to students who may have profound and multiple, severe or physical difficulties, the majority of our current students have co-existing or multiple needs. We also cater for students with autistic spectrum condition and elements of challenging behaviour.