COVID-19 arrangements

In line with Public Health England guidelines, all non-essential contact must be avoided to stop the spread of COVID-19. The department therefore advises against governing bodies meeting in person, and to instead adopt alternative arrangements with the agreement of all parties.

The Governing Board for the school will therefore be holding future meetings via video-conferencing until further notice and will be adhering to the Virtual Attendance Policy.

One LA Appointee


Two Elected Parents 

Gemma Cardwell - 16-19 Provision, School Council, Pupil & Parent view Link Governor

One vacancy

One Elected Staff Member

Caitlin Hughes 

Five Co-opted Governors

Sean Pond - Chair of Governors, Quality of Teaching & Learning, Equalities & Joint Finance Link Governor

Shelagh Morris - Leadership & Management Link Governor

Andrew Palmer - Pupil Outcomes, Pupil Premium & Data Link Governor

James Mottram -

One vacancy 

Associate Governors

Andrew Sudron (Deputy Head)


Head Teacher

Sarah Edwards 

 There are currently 1 co-opted governor, 1 LA governor and 1 Parent vacancies on the Governing Body 


Term of office is four (4) years from the year of appointment (see Governing Body Structure)

The Chair of Governors is Mr Sean Pond who may be contacted through the school on  01423 883214.

The Clerk to Governors is Leanne Eaton  who may be contacted via the school, on the above telephone number or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Annual Governance Statement 2020 - 2021


Governor Attendance for 2020/21                      
      FGB & Resources Committee meetings
    Category 24th Sept 15th Oct 19th Nov 10th Dec 27th Jan 25th Feb 18th Mar 22nd Apr 18th May 20th May 17th Jun 15th Jul
Sarah Edwards HT Y A Y coverted to Finance review meeting Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sean Pond Co-opted  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Paul  Addison Co-opted  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A Y Y
Sarah Daggett Parent A N Y Y   N     A   Resigned
Caitlin Hughes Staff* A A A                
Emma  Gibson Staff*       Y   Y     Y Y Y
Gemma Cardwell Parent Y Y A A   Y     Y   A
Shelagh Morris Co-opted  Y Y Y Y   Y     A   A**
Andrew  Palmer Co-opted N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Andrew  Sudron Associate Y Y Y Y   Y     Y   Y
Vacant   LA                      
Vacant   Co-opted                      
      Y = In attendance                    
      A = Apologies received                  
      N = no apologies received                  
      *swapped role mid-year                  
      ** technical issues connecting to the meeting                
      Not on Committee                    

Minutes of the previous years  Full Governing Body Meetings (FGB) 

pdf20th March 2021

pdf18th March 2021

pdf 27th January 2021

pdf19th November 2020

pdf15th October 2020

pdf24th September 2020

pdf16th July 2020

pdf18th June 2020

Signed paper copies are available from the school office

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