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About Springwater School

Springwater is a North Yorkshire Local Authority School based in Starbeck Harrogate. We are a co-educational special school for children with a variety of different learning needs.


Our mission

“To strive to create an exciting and challenging curriculum tailored to each pupil in a safe learning environment with the use of specialised facilities. Where teaching and learning focuses on gaining key skills and our expert staff work in close partnership with pupils and their families to help students achieve their greatest potential”.



Our vision is that “all learners access outstanding teaching and facilities personalised to their individual learning needs, within a happy, confident and proud school”.



Self Esteem


Inclusive and friendly

Respect (dignity)



Facilities and resources

We occupy a site off the high street in Starbeck, Harrogate. The site is compact which encourages effective use of facilities to meet our educational needs.

School has three departments; primary, secondary and 6th Form. Each has a range of class / teaching bases which allows for effective grouping of pupils according to their need. Classrooms are equipped to meet different requirements; for example some are designed to accommodate pupils with autism whilst others have equipment for pupils with greater physical needs. Technology is embedded within the rooms and we have a range of enabling equipment in school.

Along with the general classrooms we have a community room accommodating the library, health professionals surgery/work space and family meeting point, pool, Interactive Zone, light and sound area, woodland walk and safe/secure outside play spaces.

Meals are prepared on a daily basis in school and served in the 'Bistro'. Every effort is made to meet the pupil’s dietary or eating requirements ensuring a healthy diet.

Our multi-function hall offers a perfect space for physical and creative activities such as yoga, trampolining and music technology. Once a week it becomes a café area which is operated by our Springforest 6th Form Students and Staff.

School has access to a new fully air-conditioned 17 seat minibus which can be re-configured by removal of seats to accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs should class activities dictate. The procurement of this vehicle, (in 2013), has enabled a greater mix of students to access learning in the wider community.

We installed a 105 sq. metre Portakabin in 2012 creating modern facilities for all staff which includes: staffroom, sound proofed meeting room, work preparation and an Outreach support office.

The site is compact which aids development of our close community ethos. We utilise the space available effectively to maximise opportunity for our students.

Where appropriate we take and apply our learning out into many areas of the local community. We have links with local schools and Harrogate College. The primary and secondary department can access activities such as riding for the disabled and climbing at the Harrogate Climbing Wall. Our 6th Form utilises external providers to enrich their curriculum.

Partnership working and outreach services

Our school links with a range of organisations to maximise opportunity. We are part of the Red Kite Teaching Alliance, Special Schools Sports Development Programme and the Cognition and Learning Collaborative.

Many of our pupils enjoy short breaks and spend time at Nidderdale Children’s Resource Centre and Beck House. We maintain regular contact with our colleagues at social care to support our pupils and families.

In addition school provides support to other schools through the SLD outreach and NYCAP services. Service provision is part of the wider role of school we support as many pupils in other schools as we educate at our Springwater base.


School profile

The school is situated in Starbeck, Harrogate on the A59. We have a very large catchment area from Ripon to Selby to Knaresborough and Harrogate. The school is one of four North Yorkshire Authority 2-19 special schools with generic post 16 provision. We are also involved in a local authority pilot (PLP) developing provision for 19 -24 year old’s with learning difficulties.

Attainment on entry is significantly below age related expectations for all pupils throughout the whole school.

Pupils join the school at any point during the school year and may enter any of the class groups. A large proportion of pupils have significant medical needs and for some, the combination of their needs mean they progress on a horizontal level.

Intake of most students in the 6th Formdepartment is from the local Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD) School.

Progress in relation to previous inspection issues:

In Oct 2013 the Governing Body reorganised its working practices.The Chair of Governors is well experienced and has been in post for 5 years.The full Governing Body meets four times a year and the resources and curriculum committees up to three times a year respectively.The committee structure enables detailed discussions and promotes deeper understanding and challenge of the school by Governors.

The Governing body's work planner is revised on an annual basis and ensures all legislative areas are covered. The Governing Body benefits from the wealth of experience of the individuals. Governors regularly undertake focused visits to the school and report back to the full Governing Body.

The Chair participates in LA advisor monitoring visit and the specialist school improvement partner visits, which the school buys in for additional challenge. The school maintains a positive budget.

    • The MOVE Programme has its own detailed analysis of progress measures and in addition to this we have learning intentions for MOVE on the daily planning for those who need it, which will demonstrate progress made.

Further background information:

Since the last inspection the school has achieved 'MOVE Centre of Excellence' Award, the National Research Charter mark and has been reaccredited by the National Autistic Society.

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