At Springwater School, we believe that each pupil is entitled to a curriculum personalised and appropriate for them. Therefore, as well as having Primary, Secondary and Post-16 departments, within each department there are three curriculum pathways: Pre-Formal, Semi-Formal and Formal. The pathways offer three different progression routes for individual pupils.

On arrival at Springwater an appropriate learning pathway(s) would be identified for each pupil, allowing them access to the most suitable curriculum. This would not necessarily be static for a pupil’s time at school. Pupils may move from one pathway into another according to their needs. In addition, pupils may straddle two pathways for some or all of their time at school, particularly if their learning profiles are uneven.

The following handbooks describe each pathway.


pdf6th Form Curriculum Handbook 2017

pdfPre-Formal Curriculum Handbook 2017

pdfSemi-Formal Curriculum Handbook 2017

pdfFormal Curriculum Handbook 2017

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Springwater is a vibrant and progressive day school catering for students ranging from two to nineteen years. Offering places to students who may have profound and multiple, severe or physical difficulties, the majority of our current students have co-existing or multiple needs. We also cater for students with autistic spectrum condition and elements of challenging behaviour.