Recovery Curriculum September 2020

As we return to school in September 2020 we have adapted our curriculum offer to concentrate on all pupils returning to school in a positive and calm way. Please see the link below which descibes our Recovery Curriculum. We will review how long to continue working in this way, but intend that initially we will support pupils like this for the first half term. We will review how effective this is and the impact it is having on the pupils' and their well being at regular intervals. We will review our findings with the Governors too. 
pdfRecovery Curriculum September 2020

At Springwater School, we believe that each pupil is entitled to a curriculum, personalised and appropriate for them. Therefore, as well as having Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form departments, within each, there are three curriculum pathways: Pre-Formal, Semi-Formal and Formal. The pathways offer three different progression routes for individual pupils. Additionally, we have a group of Nursery and Reception aged pupils who follow the Early Years Foundation Stage pathway.

On arrival at Springwater an appropriate learning pathway(s) would be identified for each pupil, allowing them access to the most suitable curriculum. This would not necessarily be static for a pupil’s time at school. Pupils may move from one pathway into another according to their needs. In addition, pupils may straddle two pathways for some or all of their time at school, particularly if their learning profiles are uneven.

The following handbooks describe each pathway:

pdfEYFS Curriculum Handbook

pdf6th Form Curriculum Handbook - April 2020

pdfPre-Formal Curriculum Handbook 2017

pdfSemi-Formal Curriculum Handbook 2017

pdfFormal Curriculum Handbook - November 2019

When pupils reach Key Stage 4, they are enrolled on the Towards Independence ASDAN programme of study. Units of study are selected based on pupil interest and academic ability. We expect all Key Stage 4 pupils to have achieved at least 4 units of study by the end of year 11. For further information, please see:

When pupils reach Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form), they are enrolled on a variety of courses based on the curriculum pathway they follow. For pre-formal learners, the students work towards ASDAN Personal Progress qualifications. Semi-formal learners also complete ASDAN Personal Progress qualifications as well as completing the Q arts, John Muir Awards and Duke of Edinburgh Award. Formal learners work predominantly on ASDAN PSD (personal and social development) qualifications as well as completing OCR functional skills qualifications.

For further information, please see the following links:


Reading and Phonics at Springwater

In EYFS, pupils begin to be introduced to a range of stories and songs. They follow Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds for Phonics. This is taught in a cross-curricular way, in accordance with the EYFS framework.

In KS1 and KS2, all pupils follow Letters and Sounds for Phonics, with suitable adaptations being made to meet individual needs. Discrete Phonics sessions are delivered daily and personalised Phonics activities are also delivered in ‘Baywork’ for pupils working in semi-formal classes. Where it is appropriate for the child, individual reading books are also provided from either Bug Club or Oxford Reading Tree – this is based on their Phonics and Comprehension ability, as well as personal interest.

In KS3 and 4, discrete Phonics sessions continue to be taught where this is deemed appropriate and Phonics activities are included on an individualised basis in ‘Baywork’ for semi-formal pupils. Pre-formal pupils continue to follow Phase 1 Phonics, which is delivered in a cross-curricular way to meet the needs of pupils. For individual reading, pupils read (or are read to) daily and are encouraged to choose their own books (from a class collection or local library) according to their interests. Individual reading books from Bug Club and Oxford Reading Tree are provided for some pupils.


Please see our Curriculum Overview and Curriculum Policy in the Policy area of the website for more detailed information on our school curriculum.

If you require any further information on the EYFS, Primary or Secondary Curricula, please contact school on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01423 883214 and ask to speak to Kim Ayrton (Assistant Head and Curriculum Lead). If you require any further information on the Sixth Form curriculum, please ask to speak to Melissa Sparks (Head of Department).

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