Child Protection

Springwater School pays full regard to DFES guidance 'Keeping children safe in Education' September 2016 and the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

We take our responsibilities for Safeguarding children and young people very seriously and follow the agreed Child Protection procedures rigorously.  We also teach our learners to keep themselves safe, both within the school grounds and in the wider world. We work closely with parents and multi-agency services to ensure that there is clarity and understanding of our procedures in relation to child protection.  Ofsted inspections have graded our procedures outstanding and robust.

 Our safeguarding policy can viewed on our policies page.

 Safer Working Practice

 The school has adopted the DCSF "Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults who work with Children and Young People in Education Settings" and all staff and volunteers have been made aware of this guidance.

 Safeguarding Information for pupils

The school is committed to ensuring pupils are aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable and how they can keep themselves safe. All pupils know that we have a senior member of staff with responsibility for child protection and they know who it is. We inform pupils of whom Partnership with others might talk to , both in and out of school, their right to be listened to and heard and what steps can be taken to protect them from harm.

Partnership with Parents

The school shares a purpose with parents to keep children safe from harm and have their welfare promoted.

Partnership with others

The school recognises that it is essential to establish positive and effective working relationships with others agencies e.g. CYPS, Police, Social Services etc.

School Training and Staff Induction

The school's designated person for child protection undertakes basic child protection training and attends training in inter-agency working and refresher training at least every 2 years and presents safeguarding traing to all staff annually.


Springwater school supervision provides support, coaching and training for staff and promotes the interests of children fostering a culture of mutual support, teamwork and continuous improvement which encourages confidential discussion of sensitive issues.

 The designated prson for Child Protection in Springwater is Stephanie Nagy

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